About Us

At Zest Trade, we offer comprehensive trading courses for novice and experienced investors and traders who want to learn the professional trading techniques and make a bright career in the stock market.

At Zest Trade, we focus on delivering efficient trading software, supported with Effective investing tools, which are helpful to maximize your profits.

We are bring the concept of Live Market Training.

Why Us ?

Our Product

Trade On the Go with our Mobile App.

Complete transparency in trading via Digital SMS trade signal.

Our Technology

With all the necessary servers placed at multiple data centers, we at ZEST help you in bringing the super fast, real-time rates and provide you with supreme data security.

We are committed to providing top-notch Services, Technology, and Infrastructure to all our Customers.

Personalized Support

A dedicated Relationship Manager for personalized solutions.

Click away individual back office portal.

Effective online education modules for all segments of traders.

Customized portfolio tracker.

Online research & trading guidance.