About Us

   ESURVEY INDIA is a subsidiary Of (Saral Point eservices Pvt Ltd) a 100% Indian company and has been associated with KYC ,Survey, Affiliate Marketing & Advertising market leaders. We are focused on providing our services for individuals worldwide. Our commitment is to shape out new careers for all associated with us directly or indirectly.

  With over 5 years of combined management experience in the fields of Consulting, Affiliate Marketing, and egovernance, ESURVEY INDIA has a wealth of knowledge required to provide cutting edge services. We keep in regular contact with our clients to ensure that their requirements are met while working to realistic time frames.


To lead the common man towards a prosperous life by being not only the top survey and affiliate marketing company by 2020, but also the most preferred one.


To network, associate and grow with the common man & be looked upon as a preferred partner. We also pledge to bind values in everything we do big or small. In the first phase of our launch, our focus would be to shape our internet marketing careers, subsequently launching this opportunity in other countries where employment, financial freedom and self sufficiency stand as primary requirements.